Modular power houses Flexible system solutions for large buildings

More power, more possibilities

The heat energy stored in ambient air can be wonderful for the use of heating larger properties. Examples include residential complexes, hotels, commercial properties and office buildings. This is made possible by the utilization of particularly powerful SQW air heat pumps. They combine environmentally friendly heat generation with reliable, economical operation. They are designed for the higher performance range.

In terms of fuel consumption and flexibility, it is monobloc units which have the edge over fossil-fuel heating systems. The cascade connection allows up to 10 modules to be connected in series. This covers outputs between 32 and 350 kW.

Modular Power Houses offer a large number of adaptation options as a heating system. In addition to heat generation, they can also be used for air conditioning and hot water preparation. Expansion is possible via additional buffer storage in the form of a heat pump unit.

Product range modular power houses

Modular power houses indoor units Cooling, heating and hot water preparation