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REMKO SQW SERIES One system for everything for heating and cooling

The flexible system solution for large buildings

The SQW series can be used optimally for the heating and air-conditioning of large buildings like office buildings, hotels, gymnasiums, supermarkets and retail property. The heat pump is a modular power house with versatile application possibilities. The units are ahead of fossil heating systems, especially in regard to flexibility. This saves energy and costs.

Comfort control (basis)

  • Heating/Cooling
  • Hot water preparation
  • Legionella circuit
  • Time programme
  • Complete cooling circuit control
  • Heat recovery in cooling mode (Smart-Heat)

Technical data

Variant SQW 400 Single ALU
SQW 400 Single CAMURA
SQW 400 Duo ALU
SQW 400 Triple ALU
SQW 400 Triple CAMURA
SQW 400 Quattro ALU
SQW 400 Quattro CAMURA
area of use32 - 45 kW45-70 kW70-100 kW100-130 kW
DesignMonobloc Monobloc Monobloc Monobloc
functionHeizen/Kühlen Heizen/Kühlen Heizen/Kühlen Heizen/Kühlen
systemLuft/Wasser Luft/Wasser Luft/Wasser Luft/Wasser
heatpump manageroptional optional optional optional
Storage tank for hydraulic decoupling of volumetric flowsoptional 1000 loptional 1000 loptional 2000 loptional 2000 l
electric booster heatingoptional 9 kWoptional 9 kWoptional 9 kWoptional 9 kW
Quantity Outdoor/Indoor units1/- 2/- 3/- 4/-
Operating limit, heating-25 bis +45 °C-25 bis +45 °C-25 bis +45 °C-25 bis +45 °C
Rated heating output30,0/34,0 kW60,0/68,0 kW90,0/102,0 kW120,0/136,0 kW
Energy efficiency rating heatingA++ A++ A++ A++
Heating capacity / COP for A7/W3540,0/4,8 kW80,0/4,8 kW120,0/4,8 kW160,0/4,8 kW
Heating capacity / COP for A2/W3531,0/3,2 kW62,0/3,8 kW93,0/3,8 kW124,0/3,8 kW
Heating capacity / COP for A-7/W3527,3/3,2 kW54,6/3,2 kW81,9/3,2 kW109,2/3,2 kW
max.Supply temperature heating water+65 °C+65 °C+65 °C+65 °C
Operating limit, cooling+15 bis +45 °C+15 bis +45 °C+15 bis +45 °C+15 bis +45 °C
Cooling capacity / EER for A35/W730,19/2,34 kW60,38/2,34 kW90,57/2,34 kW120,76/2,34 kW
Cooling capacity / EER for A35/W1838,44/2,83 kW76,88/2,83 kW115,32/2,83 kW152,76/2,83 kW
Cooling capacity / EER for A27/W1837,44/3,03 kW74,88/3,03 kW112,32/3,03 kW149,76/3,03 kW
min.Supply temperature cooling water+7 °C+7 °C+7 °C+7 °C
External pressure loss max. (heating system)70/40 kPa70/40 kPa70/40 kPa70/40 kPa
Refrigerant410A 410A 410A 410A
Refriegrant charge11,4 kg2x 11,4 kg3x11,4 kg4x 11,4 kg
CO2 Equivalent23,8 t2x 23,8 t3x 23,8 t4x 23,8 t
Power supply Outdoorunit400/3~/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3~/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3~/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3~/50 V/Ph/Hz
Power supply for electrical heating element400/3~/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3~/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3~/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3~/50 V/Ph/Hz
Customer´s fuse protection (outdoor unit/Indoorunit)45/- A slow-acting2x 45/- A slow-acting3x 45/- A slow-acting4x 45/- A slow-acting
max . Power consumption24,5 kW2x 24,5 kW3x 24,5 kW4x 24,5 kW
max. current consumption40 A2x 40 A3x 40 A4x 40 A
Rated power consumption Heating for A7/W358,4 kW2x 8,4 kW3x8,4 kW4x 8,4 kW
Rated current consumption Heating for A7/W3514,1 A2x 14,1 A3x 14,1 A4x 14,1 A
max. Airflow outdoorunit14860 m³/h2x 14860 m³/h3x 14860 m³/h4x 14860 m³/h
Volumetric flow water6,9 m³/h2x 6,9 m³/h3x 6,9 m³/h4x 6,9 m³/h
Max. operating pressure water3,0 bar3,0 bar3,0 bar3,0 bar
Hydraulic connection supply / return flow3 AG inch3 AG inch3 AG inch3 AG inch
Soundpowerlevel Indoorunit/outdoor unit-/68 dB(A)-/68 dB(A)-/68 dB(A)-/68 dB(A)
Soundpressure LpA 10m Indoorunit/outdoor unit-/40 dB(A)-/40 dB(A)-/40 dB(A)-/40 dB(A)
Weight indoor unit / outdoor unit-/650 kg-/2x 650 kg-/3x 650 kg-/4x 650 kg
standard color outdoorunitAlu eloxiert Alu eloxiert Alu eloxiert Alu eloxiert
Dimensions h/w/d1650/1400/2300 mm1650/1400/2300 mm1650/1400/2300 mm1650/1400/2300 mm

Accessories / Spare parts

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