Heat pump package type Düsseldorf

This heat pump package is the ideal solution for users who, in addition to the heating function, also want domestic water preparation from their heat pump system. A cooling function for the summer can also be activated, if necessary. The domestic water preparation takes place very efficiently with a 500 litre buffer tank and electronically regulated fresh water station using the hygienic flow method. The high-efficiency pump in the indoor unit can supply the heating circuits directly with water.

Package consisting of:

  • Indoor unit including REMKO Smart-Control Touch
  • Outdoor unit
  • Buffer tank for domestic water HPS 500 (500 litres)
  • Smart-Serv, built-in heating rod 6 kW or 9 kW
  • Electrically regulated fresh water station EFS 21
  • 3-way changeover valve

Buffer tank for domestic water HPS 500

Fresh water station EFS 21 with pump and flow switch

3-way changeover valve, 5/4"

Technical data

VariantWKF 80WKF 100WKF 130WKF 170
Nominal heating capacity6.00 (0.90-7.50) kW 8.00 (1.50-10.00) kW 9.00 (2.00-12.50) kW 11.00 (3.00-16.80) kW
External maximum pressure loss, heating system80 / - kPa 80 / - kPa 70 / - kPa 60 / - kPa


WKF 80 Graphit jpg, 147,809,000.0
REMKO WKF 80 IM jpg, 211,520,000.0
REMKO WKF 80 AM Graphit jpg, 412,691,000.0
Pufferspeicher HPS 500 jpg, 60,399,000.0
3-Wege Umschaltventil 5/4" jpg, 223,055,000.0
Frischwasserstation EFS 20.1 jpg, 1,244,409,000.0