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REMKO WKF DUO SERIES Air/water system for heating and cooling

REMKO WKF DUO SERIES Air/water system for heating and cooling

It couldn't be simpler. Everything complete in an indoor unit

Everything is installed in a single housing: Two highly efficient circulation pumps, two heat exchangers, various fittings, and the Smart-Control control system. In connection with existing tank systems, the WKF Duo is prefect for new buildings and renovations.

Profit from these advantages

  • Low investment costs
  • Smart-Inverter power-modulated mode
  • Low operating costs due to high COP value
  • Mounting-friendly installation
  • Smart-Control intelligent control system
    Use in intelligent Smart-Grid power mains possible
  • Monoenergetic operation through REMKO Smart-Serv
  • Night operation to reduce noise
  • Chimney sweep function
  • Bivalently alternating operation using Smart-BVT erxternally

Scope of supply

  • REMKO Smart-Control Touch - the intelligent control system
  • Indoor unit
  • 2 outdoor units with inverter technology
  • 2 highly efficient, controlled heating circuit pumps
  • Dirt filter 1"
  • 2 shut-off valves 1"
  • Safety group with SIV, automatic bleeding valve and pressure gauge
  • Outdoor sensor/immersion probe
  • Electrically controlled bypass mixer

Technical data

Variant WKF 120 Duo
WKF 120 Duo S-Line
WKF 180 Duo
WKF 180 Duo S-Line
area of use18-25 kW25 - 32 kW
DesignDuo Split Duo Split
functionHeizen/Kühlen Heizen/Kühlen
inverter technologySerie Serie
systemLuft/Wasser Luft/Wasser
heatpump managerSmart Control Smart Control
electric booster heatingoptional 9 kWoptional 9 kW
Quantity Outdoor/Indoor units2/1 2/1
Operating limit, heating-20 bis +35 °C-20 bis +35 °C
Heating capacity min - max2,5 - 25,0 kW3,1-35,4 kW
Rated heating output18,0 kW29,0 kW
Energy efficiency rating heatingA++/A+ A++/A++
Seasonal changes in space heating energy efficiency154/120 %151/129 %
Power consumption, yearly, heating9282/11218 kWh15524/17719 kWh
Heating capacity / COP for A7/W3519,72/4,4 kW28,04/4,53 kW
Heating capacity / COP for A2/W3513,90/3,6 kW18,64/3,53 kW
Heating capacity / COP for A-7/W3512,28/2,9 kW16,40/2,87 kW
max.Supply temperature heating water55 °C55 °C
Operating limit, cooling+15 bis +45 °C+15 bis +45 °C
Cooling capacity min./max.3,3 - 23,8 kW5,50-32,0 kW
Rated cooling output13,58 kW24,40 kW
Cooling capacity / EER for A35/W713,58/2,3 kW24,40/2,60 kW
Cooling capacity / EER for A35/W1810,60/3,7 kW25,40/3,81 kW
Cooling capacity / EER for A27/W1818,92/3,6 kW36,40/4,01 kW
min.Supply temperature cooling water+7 °C+7 °C
External pressure loss max. (heating system)80 kPa80 kPa
RefrigerantR 410A R 410A
Refriegrant charge4,0 kg5,6 kg
CO2 Equivalent4,18 t5,85 t
Refrigerant piping connection per outdoorunit2x 3/8 / 5/8 inch2x 3/8 / 5/8 inch
Max. refrigerant pipe length per outdoorunit50 m75 m
Max. refrigerant pipe height30 m30 m
Power supply Outdoorunit230/1~/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3~/50 V/Ph/Hz
Power supply for electrical heating element400/3~/N/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3~/N/50 V/Ph/Hz
Power supply Indoorunit230/1~/50 V/Ph/Hz230/1~/50 V/Ph/Hz
Customer´s fuse protection (outdoor unit/Indoorunit)2x 16A / 10 A slow-acting3x16A / 10 A slow-acting
max . Power consumption4,0 kW4,50 kW
max. current consumption15,28 A7,20 A
Rated power consumption Heating for A7/W352,22 kW2x 3,09 kW
Rated current consumption Heating for A7/W3510,44 A5,02 A
max. Airflow outdoorunit3500 m³/h5400 m³/h
Volumetric flow water2x 1,70 m³/h2x2,4 m³/h
Max. operating pressure water3,0 bar3,0 bar
Hydraulic connection supply / return flow1 1/2 AG inch1 1/2 AG inch
Soundpowerlevel Indoorunit/outdoor unit-/67,9 dB(A)-/68,3 dB(A)
Soundpressure LpA 1m Indoorunit/outdoor unit-/42 dB(A)-/42,5 dB(A)
Soundpowerlevel Indoorunit/outdoor unit decrease mode-/64,9 dB(A)-/64,3 dB(A)
Soundpressure LpA 1m Indoorunit/outdoor unit decrease mode-/41,0 dB(A)-/42,0 dB(A)
Dimensions indoor unit h/w/d1000/800/500 mm1000/800/500 mm
Dimensions outdoor unit h/w/d998/940/330 mm1420/940/330 mm
Weight indoor unit / outdoor unit78/2x74 kg82/2x100 kg
standard color outdoorunitgrauweiß grauweiß
standard color indoorunitsilber/schwarz silber/schwarz

Accessories / Spare parts

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REMKO WKF Duo jpg, 624,809,000.0
REMKO WKF Duo jpg, 339,984,000.0
REMKO WKF Duo jpg, 719,325,000.0
WKF 120 Duo AM jpg, 416,882,000.0
WKF 120 Duo IM jpg, 274,210,000.0
Assembly drawings
REMKO WKF Duo jpg, 77,729,000.0
WKF 120 Duo AM jpg, 68,189,000.0
WKF 120 Duo IM jpg, 51,274,000.0
REMKO WKF Duo jpg, 96,321,000.0
REMKO WKF Duo jpg, 68,957,000.0
REMKO WKF Duo jpg, 154,717,000.0