Heat pump package type Frankfurt Duo / Frankfurt Duo Solar

The energy-saving package is prepared for the integration of solar thermal plants or combustible solid fuel burner for heating and domestic water support. The hot water control and heating function are supported by the RWT 31 fin-tube heat exchanger and four solar collectors included in the solar package. The domestic water preparation takes place with a 800 litre or 1000 litre buffer tank and electronically regulated fresh water station using the hygienic flow method.

With this heat pump package, both alternatively bivalent and monoenergetically operated systems can be accommodated. The separate pump assemblies HGM (can be ordered separately) for the heating circuits are equipped with a high-efficiency pump (0-10 V) regulated in a needs-based manner. The solar set included in this package, Type RSK 25-10, with a collector surface of 10.12 m², is ideal for effective domestic water preparation and heating support.

Package consisting of:

  • Indoor unit
  • 2x outdoor unit
  • Multifunctional buffer tank MPS 800 (800 litres) or MPS 1000 (1000 litres)
  • Electrically regulated fresh water station EFS 20.1
  • 2x 3-way changeover valves
  • Immersion probe and collector sensor
  • 2x condensate drip tray including oil separator for outdoor unit
  • Solar set RSK 25-10
    (only available in solar package)

Multifunctional buffer tank MPS 800 or MPS 1000

Condensate drip tray

Solar set RSK 25-10

Fresh water station EFS 20.1 with pump and flow switch

3-way changeover valve, 6/4"

Immersion probe and collector probe

Technical data

Variant WKF 130 Duo (MPS 800/EFS 20.1)
WKF 130 Duo (MPS 800/EFS 20.1/RSK 25-10)
WKF 130 Duo (MPS 1000/EFS 20.1)
WKF 130 Duo (MPS 1000/EFS 20.1/RSK 25-10)
WKF 170 Duo (MPS 800/EFS 20.1)
WKF 170 Duo (MPS 800/EFS 20.1/RSK 25-10)
WKF 170 Duo (MPS 1000/EFS 20.1)
WKF 170 Duo (MPS 1000/EFS 20.1/RSK 25-10)
Energy efficiency rating for heatingA+++/A++ A++/A++
Rated heating capacity18.00 (2.00-25.00) kW 22.00 (3.00-33.60) kW
External maximum pressure loss, heating system60 / - kPa 50 / - kPa


WKF 130 Duo Graphit jpg, 165,253,000.0
REMKO WKF 130 Duo IM jpg, 337,448,000.0
REMKO WKF 130 Duo AM jpg, 890,176,000.0
Multifunktions-Pufferspeicher MPS 800 jpg, 69,768,000.0
Kondensat-Auffangwanne inkl. Ölabscheider jpg, 145,296,000.0
Frischwasserstation EFS 25 jpg, 146,945,000.0
3-Wege Umschaltventil 5/4" jpg, 1,461,352,000.0
Reduzier-Doppelnippel 1 1/2" jpg, 191,383,000.0
Assembly drawings
Frischwasserstation EFS 25 jpg, 46,592,000.0