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REMKO WKF Mannheim


Heat pump package type Mannheim

This heat pump package is designed for users who would like to operate the heat pump in combination with a conventional heating appliance (bivalently alternating). The additional KWS 300 combination buffer tank is used for the hydraulic decoupling of large volume flow rates. A cooling function for the summer can also be activated, if necessary. In this package, the domestic water preparation takes place in an enamelled 300-litre domestic water tank. Through the compact design, installation expenses are extremely low. The separate pump assemblies HGU/HGM (can be ordered separately) for the heating circuits are equipped with a high-efficiency pump(0-10 V) regulated in a needs-based manner.

Package consisting of:

  • Indoor unit
  • Outdoor unit
  • Combination buffer tank KWS 300 (300 litres)
  • Condensate drip tray including oil separator for outdoor unit
  • 3-way changeover walve

Combination buffer tank KWS 300

Condensate drip tray

3-way changeover walve

Hydraulic system diagram of Mannheim Example for monoenergetic or alternative bivalent operation

Technical data

VariantWKF 70WKF 120WKF 180
area of use2-7 kW7-12 kW12-18 kW
functionHeizen/Kühlen/WW Heizen/Kühlen/WW Heizen/Kühlen/WW
Heating capacity min - max6,0 (0,9 - 6,0) kW10,0 (2,5 - 12,5) kW14,0 (3,1 - 17,7) kW
Rated heating output6,0 kW10,0 kW14,0 kW
Energy efficiency rating heatingA++ A++ A++
Cooling capacity min./max.5,0 (1,1 - 8,9) kW6,0 (3,3 - 11,9) kW11,0 (5,5 - 14,0) kW
External pressure loss max. (heating system)80 kPa80 kPa80 kPa


WKF 70 jpg, 1,136,673,000.0
WKF 70 jpg, 147,015,000.0
WKF 70 jpg, 112,423,000.0
WKF 70 IM jpg, 186,550,000.0
REMKO WKF 70 AM jpg, 1,136,673,000.0
Kondensat-Auffangwanne inkl. Ölabscheider jpg, 145,296,000.0
3-Wege Umschaltventil 5/4" jpg, 223,055,000.0
Temperaturfühler PT 1000 jpg, 157,020,000.0
Kombipufferspeicher KWS 300 jpg, 767,261,000.0
Assembly drawings
WKF 70 IM jpg, 137,009,000.0
REMKO WKF 70 AM jpg, 65,247,000.0