REMKO VRS C SERIES Universal calorific value heating systems for oil and gas combustion

VRS C SERIES - Bild 85586 VRS C SERIES - Bild 85587

Heaters without burner without air outlet hood, with switches and control units, rear chimney adapter. Other unit versions on request.

REMKO VRS C SERIES Universal calorific value heating systems in a planning-oriented modular system for oil and gas combustion

Fast heat, low emissions with high energy efficiency

This REMKO series is characterised by a combination of extremely advanced technologies. Due to the newly developed design of the combustion chamber and heat exchanger and the use of state-ofthe-art blue flame burner technology and EC fans, the VRS-C automatic heaters set new standards in hall heating. Through consistent use of the condensing effect, operating efficiencies of over 100% can be achieved, offering fuel savings of up to 10% compared to conventional hall heating systems. Thanks to the perfect coordination of the blue flame burner and combustion chamber, combustion is particularly low in pollutants. The NOx concentration is thus below the reference values specified in the ErP Directive 2021 for the best devices on the market.

  • Space-saving installation with low mounting effort
  • Combustion chamber with stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Individual equipping with air filters and louvre dampers possible in the air intake
  • Air duct connection possibilities
  • Flexible usage possibilities
  • High quality and long service life
  • Modern, efficient EC fans
  • Easy access to all components due to maintenance-friendly design
  • Low-emission blue flame burner technology
  • For environmentally friendly unit operation, the units should preferably be operated with HVO biofuel

Radial fan with EC motor

Low-emission blue flame burner

Technical data

VariantVRS 30 CVRS 50 CVRS 70 CVRS 100 CVRS 120 CVRS 150 CVRS 170 C
Nominal heat load max.35 kW 58 kW 77 kW 104 kW 121 kW 153 kW 181 kW
Fuel consumption, max. heating oil3.3 l/h 5.5 l/h 7.3 l/h 9.8 l/h 11.4 l/h 14.4 l/h 17 l/h
Power supply230/1~/50 400/3~/50 400/3~/50 400/3~/50 400/3~/50 400/3~/50 400/3~/50
Max. power consumption0.65 kW 1.113 kW 1.3 kW 1.704 kW 2.037 kW 2.402 kW 3.382 kW
Nominal current consumption max.1.81 A 2.661 A 3.038 A 3.923 A 4.5 A 4.925 A 6.572 A
Dimensions H/W/D1595/721/904 mm 1744/721/904 mm 1843/904/904 mm 1943/904/1206 mm 1943/904/1206 mm 2135/904/1206 mm 2345/904/1306 mm



Declarations of conformity

380030_B_0_1_1.jpg jpg, 1,162,596,000.0
REMKO VRS 30 C jpg, 1,126,374,000.0

Heat requirement chart for heating systems

The diagram allows you to quickly determine the necessary heating power requirements of the hot air heating system to be used. It is based on a rough heat demand estimate for factories and similar buildings.

Heat requirement chart Determination of the necessary heating output

Heat requirement chart