Wall-mounted chest KWK 875 EC
Wall-mounted chest KWK 875 EC
Ceiling chest KWK 875 EC DM
Ceiling chest KWK 875 EC DM
Wall-mounted chest KWK 875 EC
Ceiling chest KWK 875 EC DM

KWK EC (DM) SERIES Wall and ceiling chests in 2-pipe or 4-pipe design with infinitely variable EC fan

  • Chilled water systems
  • Cooling capacity: 1.31 - 8.78 kW
  • For offices and living spaces

The wall and ceiling chests are characterised by a discreet design

The wall and ceiling cabinets can be used for both vertical installation on the wall or for horizontal installation under the ceiling. They are extremely well-suited for installation in offices and meeting rooms, banks, business and in private residences.
Thanks to the modern, energy-efficient EC motor, the installed fan is infinitely variable. This increases the user's comfort.
REMKO wall or ceiling chests are equipped with the latest technology and offer exceptional flexibility in terms of installation. The medium connections are fitted as standard in the housing on the left-hand side. The controller can optionally be mounted right on the device or on a wall. It is possible for the connections and controls to exchange sides. The standard colour of the elegant housing is white, and the outlet grille is finished in white plastic. The air passes through a reclaimable filter in the unit. An extremely low-noise three-stage tangential fan provides impeccable air distribution and maximises vent output. The copper-aluminium register is designed for medium temperatures of up to 80 °C. The unit can easily be upgraded to a 4-pipe system through the installation of a heating register.

  • The ideal solution for optically discreet air conditioning
  • Low-noise unit operation ("Silent" mode)
  • Simple equipping of the unit in a 4-pipe design
  • For horizontal and vertical installation
  • Infinitely variable EC fans

Technical data

VariantKWK 135 EC (DM)KWK 175 EC (DM)KWK 225 EC (DM)KWK 265 EC (DM)KWK 345 EC (DM)KWK 395 EC (DM)KWK 525 EC (DM)KWK 605 EC (DM)KWK 735 EC (DM)KWK 875 EC (DM)
Cooling capacity1.3 kW1.8 kW2.2 kW2.6 kW3.4 kW3.9 kW5.2 kW6.1 kW7.3 kW8.8 kW
Heating capacity1.6 kW2.1 kW2.6 kW3.0 kW3.8 kW4.3 kW5.7 kW6.4 kW7.8 kW9.2 kW
Air flow rate, speed settings, min.-max.84 - 298 m³/h98 - 321 m³/h133 - 394 m³/h147 - 432 m³/h196 - 580 m³/h217 - 632 m³/h320 - 882 m³/h344 - 924 m³/h378 - 1225 m³/h405 - 1232 m³/h
Sound pressure level min.-max.19-38 dB(A)19-38 dB(A)20-42 dB(A)20-42 dB(A)21-38 dB(A)21-38 dB(A)18-46 dB(A)18-46 dB(A)20-52 dB(A)20-52 dB(A)
Power supply230/1~/50230/1~/50230/1~/50230/1~/50230/1~/50230/1~/50230/1~/50230/1~/50230/1~/50230/1~/50



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