Ceiling chest KWK 725 ZW
Ceiling chest KWK 725 ZW
Ceiling chest KWK 725 ZW

KWK ZW SERIES Ceiling chests in 2-pipe or 4-pipe design for installation into false ceilings

  • Chilled water systems
  • Cooling capacity: 1.20 - 7.24 kW
  • For offices and hotels

Ceiling chests for niche installation

The optimum, invisible solution for offices, banks or hotels because of its small installation height. The rectangular device air outlet is designed to accommodate adjustable air outlet grilles for an individual distribution of air. The air is filtered in the unit's air intake with a reclaimable plug-in filter. The internal tangential fan allows multiple airflow settings. The diagonally fitted copper-aluminium heat exchanger is designed for cooling medium temperatures of up to 80°C. The unit can easily be upgraded to a 4-pipe system through the installation of a heating register. The register connections can be mounted on either side of the unit in a condensate-insulated housing. A valve assembly for 2- and 4-pipe systems are available as accessories for cooling control.

  • Invisible mounting in intermediate spaces
  • Low installation height
  • Can be positioned flexibly
  • Minimum weight
  • Low-noise unit operation ("Silent" mode)
  • Particularly narrow dimensions
  • Simple equipping of the unit in a 4-pipe design
  • For horizontal installation arrangement

Technical data

VariantKWK 125 ZWKWK 165 ZWKWK 205 ZWKWK 255 ZWKWK 305 ZWKWK 355 ZWKWK 455 ZWKWK 535 ZWKWK 595 ZWKWK 725 ZW
Cooling capacity1.2 kW1.6 kW2.1 kW2.5 kW3.1 kW3.5 kW4.5 kW5.3 kW5.9 kW7.2 kW
Heating capacity1.5 kW2.0 kW2.4 kW2.9 kW3.5 kW4.0 kW5.0 kW5.8 kW6.3 kW7.7 kW
Air flow rate, speed settings, min.-max.120 - 260 m³/h140 - 290 m³/h190 - 370 m³/h210 - 410 m³/h280 - 490 m³/h310 - 530 m³/h400 - 730 m³/h430 - 780 m³/h420 - 870 m³/h450 - 920 m³/h
Sound pressure level min.-max.17-32 dB(A)17-32 dB(A)23-39 dB(A)23-39 dB(A)21-33 dB(A)21-33 dB(A)26-42 dB(A)26-42 dB(A)26-43 dB(A)24-43 dB(A)
Power supply230/1~/50230/1~/50230/1~/50230/1~/50230/1~/50230/1~/50230/1~/50230/1~/50230/1~/50230/1~/50



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