Chiller KWE 800 Eco
Chiller KWE 800 Eco
Chiller KWE 1550 Eco
Chiller KWE 1550 Eco
Chiller KWE 3150 Eco
Chiller KWE 3150 Eco
Chiller KWE 800 Eco
Chiller KWE 1550 Eco
Chiller KWE 3150 Eco

KWE ECO SERIES Chillers for cooling

  • Chilled water systems
  • Cooling capacity: 28.70 - 315.20 kW
  • For use in the commercial and industrial sector

The air-cooled chillers of the KWE Eco series in the power range from 28.7 to 315.2 kW can be individually configured for any application thanks to their modular design. In the hermetically sealed system of the chiller for outdoor installation, the innovative and climate-friendly refrigerant R452B is used. The selection of pumps in various pressure ratings allows the hydraulic components to be individually adapted to the respective application.
The pressure gauges already installed ex works in the hydraulic circuit and the accessibility of the essential hydraulic components via the opening of the swivelling control cabinet facilitate installation and commissioning, thus ensuring maximum service friendliness.
In addition, thanks to the selection of state-of-the-art components and the optimisation of all device parameters, the devices comply with the energy requirements of the more stringent Eco-Design Directive.

  • Hydraulic components individually configurable
  • Easy access to the essential device components
  • Future-proof thanks to climate-friendly refrigerant R452B
  • Optional components to reduce noise emissions available
  • Integration into an existing building control system possible

Freecooling version KWE ECO FC SERIES with integrated freecooling function

In addition to the conventional refrigeration circuit, the units of the KWE Eco FC series have another heat exchanger already integrated into the device for freecooling. This makes it possible to cool down the operating medium water (or water-glycol mixture) already by means of cool ambient air, whereby the operating costs can be considerably reduced.

The air-cooled devices for outdoor installation are therefore particularly suitable for applications with a year-round cooling requirement and long operating times. In the power range from 50 kW cooling capacity, various models are available here and can be individually adapted to the needs and requirements of the building project. The planning and design of these units is carried out in cooperation with REMKO so that, in the end, a tailor-made unit can be created for every application.

Technical data

VariantKWE 290 EcoKWE 330 EcoKWE 380 EcoKWE 430 EcoKWE 500 EcoKWE 550 EcoKWE 640 EcoKWE 730 EcoKWE 800 EcoKWE 970 EcoKWE 1060 EcoKWE 1150 EcoKWE 1240 EcoKWE 1320 EcoKWE 1400 EcoKWE 1480 EcoKWE 1550 EcoKWE 1600 EcoKWE 1850 EcoKWE 2100 EcoKWE 2350 EcoKWE 2600 EcoKWE 2850 EcoKWE 3150 Eco
Cooling capacity28.7 kW32.7 kW37.7 kW42.5 kW50.0 kW55.3 kW64.1 kW73.2 kW79.3 kW97.2 kW106.4 kW115.9 kW123.9 kW132.6 kW140.5 kW148.3 kW155.3 kW161.3 kW186.2 kW211.4 kW233.7 kW260.2 kW286.8 kW315.2 kW
Energy efficiency ratio SEER4.
Energy efficiency ratio EER3.
Degree of effective use of room cooling165 %164 %181 %222 %220 %201 %196 %220 %201 %238 %231 %221 %216 %221 %225 %218 %210 %217 %233 %233 %230 %226 %220 %216 %
Number of cooling circuits1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2



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