Chiller KWP 1120 Eco
Chiller KWP 1120 Eco
Chiller KWP 2460 Eco
Chiller KWP 2460 Eco
Chiller KWP 1120 Eco
Chiller KWP 2460 Eco

KWP ECO SERIES Chillers for cooling and heating

  • Chilled water systems
  • Cooling capacity: 46.40 - 246.10 kW
  • For use in the commercial and industrial sector

The units of the KWE 460 - 2460 Eco series, with an output range of 46.4 to 246.1 kW cooling capacity and 53.9 to 290.4 kW heating capacity, are particularly compact and quiet air-cooled chillers for outdoor installation. Thanks to an integrated process reversal, the units can be used for both heating and cooling and are therefore versatile. The interaction from the optimisation of the heat exchanger surfaces, use of highly efficient components and the optimisation of all operation-related system parameters ensure that the units have a very high degree of efficiency and therefore correspond with the pertinent requirements of the Eco-Design Directive.

  • Hydraulic components individually configurable
  • Multi-stage power control
  • Floating switch contacts for integration into a building control system
  • Modbus data protocol in standard version
  • Extensive accessories for individual unit configuration

Technical data

VariantKWP 460 EcoKWP 520 EcoKWP 570 EcoKWP 600 EcoKWP 790 EcoKWP 900 EcoKWP 1030 EcoKWP 1120 EcoKWP 1220 EcoKWP 1310 EcoKWP 1400 EcoKWP 1480 EcoKWP 1700 EcoKWP 1960 EcoKWP 2200 EcoKWP 2460 Eco
Cooling capacity46.4 kW51.7 kW57.2 kW60.3 kW78.5 kW90.1 kW102.7 kW112.1 kW122.1 kW130.5 kW139.7 kW148.3 kW169.9 kW196.2 kW222.7 kW246.1 kW
Heating capacity50.5 kW56.6 kW67.1 kW70.4 kW89.4 kW101.6 kW110.9 kW126.4 kW135.0 kW145.8 kW154.8 kW163.9 kW181.7 kW211.2 kW238.4 kW270.1 kW
Energy efficiency ratio SEER5.
Energy efficiency ratio EER43.
Degree of effective use of room cooling225 %221 %203 %189 %227 %230 %225 %227 %218 %214 %220 %225 %214 %231 %232 %230 %



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