Ceiling cassette MVD 452
Ceiling cassette MVD 452
Ceiling cassette MVD 1002
Ceiling cassette MVD 1002
Ceiling cassette MVD 452
Ceiling cassette MVD 1002

MVD SERIES Ceiling cassettes for cooling and heating

  • Multisplit air-conditioning system with VRF technology
  • Cooling capacity: 2.20 - 10.00 kW
  • For larger office buildings

The optically discreet room air-conditioning solution

Due to its flat design and its whisper-quiet operation, the MVD series inverter air-conditioning solution is ideal for use in the office. Thanks to the latest inverter technology from REMKO, the ceiling cassettes operate particularly reliably and efficiently.

  • Compact dimensions in European grid format (up to MVD 452)
  • Low-noise appliance operation thanks to 7-stage EC motor
  • Removable air filter
  • Air outlet with swing function
  • Programmable 24-hour timer function
  • With infrared remote control in the standard version
  • Microprocessor-controlled unit technology
  • Built-in condensate pump (maximum pump head of 500 mm)
  • 360° air outlet (up to MVD 452)
  • Fresh air connection
  • Alarm contact / contact for external release

Technical data

VariantMVD 222MVD 282MVD 362MVD 452MVD 702MVD 1002
Cooling capacity2.2 kW2.8 kW3.6 kW4.5 kW7.1 kW10.0 kW
Heating capacity2.4 kW3.2 kW4.0 kW5.0 kW8.0 kW11.0 kW
Usage area, approx. room size 70 m³ 90 m³ 110 m³ 140 m³ 230 m³ 320 m³
Power supply230/1~/50230/1~/50230/1~/50230/1~/50230/1~/50230/1~/50



Here you will find an overview of suitable accessories for the selected product series.

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