High-performance fan RTV 20
High-performance fan RTV 20
High-performance fan RTV 35
High-performance fan RTV 35
High-performance fan RTV 20
High-performance fan RTV 35

RTV SERIES With turbo fan

  • Ventilation capacity: 1200 - 2600 m3/h
  • For repairing water damage and drying buildings under construction

Compact and powerful, universally usable for drying carpeting and repairing water damage, as well as drying hollow spaces and buildings under construction

The combination of a powerful radial fan and thoroughly conceived accessories for the connection of air distributor hoses (RTV 35) makes the RTV series a particularly versatile solution for air circulation and cold or hot air transport. Due to its specially adapted air guidance function, the turbo fans generate a wide airflow close to the floor over wet flooring or moist screed. This airflow optimally distributes the room air and thus noticeably increases the drying speed.
But even in the case of supported wall and floor drying after water damage or as an aid in the drying of screed and buildings under construction, the RTV series renders valuable services. Through the connection of hoses, RTV 35 is particularly suited for the targeted ventilation or drying of hollow spaces. The RTV series is also ideal for the effective support of dehumidifiers in the drying of buildings under construction. Depending on environmental influences, such as temperature, the drying time can be drastically shortened through a combination of dehumidifiers and turbo fans. The units of the RTV series can be adjusted in three different mounting angles (0°, 45°, and 90°).

  • Compact, powerful and energy-efficient
  • High motor output
  • High pressure
  • 2 fan speeds for an optimum air volume
  • Mountable in various positions
  • Integrated operating hour counter (RTV 20 and RTV 35)
  • Integrated 6A mains socket (RTV 35)
  • Very handy with carrying handle
  • Problem-free transport
  • Stackable - lower spatial requirement for storage and transport
  • Plastic housing for high robustness
  • Low maintenance
  • Tube lengths up to max. 30 m
3 mounting positions possible
3 mounting positions possible
Control RTV 35
Control RTV 35
Cable winder
Cable winder

Technical data

VariantRTV 20RTV 35
Fan speeds2 2
Air capacity1200/1800 m³/h2000/2600 m³/h
Pressure max.310 Pa620 Pa
Power supply230/1~/50230/1~/50
Max. power consumption0.5 kW0.77 kW



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