Automatic hot water heater PWN 105-3 H
Automatic hot water heater PWN 105-3 H
Automatic hot water heater PWN 105-3 H

PWN H SERIES Hot water heaters in low-temperature design with EC fan for heating

  • Hot water heating system
  • Heating capacity:
  • For industrial halls and commercial spaces

The efficient heating system for warehouses and supermarkets

The PWN H hot water heaters are optimally suited for use in commercial applications due to their high-quality, robust plastic housing. Through the universal colouring of the devices, they fit in discreetly in almost every environment.
Thanks to the modern, energy-efficient EC motors, the user obtains not only energy savings in comparison with conventional AC motors, but also a considerably increased regulating comfort as the fan can be adapted variably to the operating conditions as required. Individually adjustable air control fins guarantee a precise adaptation of the airflow and reduce the flow resistance to a minimum. The interaction of housing design, fan selection and heat exchanger dimensioning ensure an even flow-through of the fin heat exchanger and therefore an optimum utilisation of the heat exchanger surface for the transmission of power.
A sophisticated mounting system guarantees that, in addition to the wall or ceiling mounting, a mounting inclined by 30° is also possible. The mounting bar on the device itself can continue to be inclined by up to 70°, therefore enabling an adaptation of the device alignment to the most difficult mounting conditions. The brackets are included in the scope of supply of the standard version. An optionally fittable condensate drip pan enables an operation of the device even in cooling mode in case of wall mounting, therefore forming the ideal addition for securing the comfort zone.

  • High-quality plastic housing for industrial applications
  • Discreet design
  • Modern, efficient EC technology
  • Versatile mounting possibilities using series-standard bracket
  • Cooling optionally possible in case of wall mounting
Pivotable 3D mounting system for optimum air distribution
Pivotable 3D mounting system for optimum air distribution

Technical data

VariantPWN 35-1 HPWN 45-2 HPWN 75-3 HPWN 95-2 HPWN 105-3 H
Heating capacity at 70/50 and 15°C air intake9.7 / - kW19.0 / - kW33.9 / - kW54.9 / - kW69.4 / - kW
Heating capacity at 55/45 and 15°C air intake8.1 / - kW15.2 / - kW27.0 / - kW44.1 / - kW55.3 / - kW
Cooling capacity for 7/12 and 27°C air inlet2.54.47.914.816.2
Air flow rate300 - 2.850 m³/h250 - 2.550 m³/h350 - 3.900 m³/h1.270 - 8.560 m³/h715 - 7.950 m³/h
Nominal flow rate, heating medium0.43 m<sup>3</sup>/h0.83 m<sup>3</sup>/h1.49 m<sup>3</sup>/h2.41 m<sup>3</sup>/h3.05 m<sup>3</sup>/h



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