REMKO TK 300 SERIES Mobile dehumidifier

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Daily dehumidification output

REMKO TK SERIES Mobile dehumidifier

To a high percentage, moisture consists of condensation water that precipitates on cool wall surfaces. Water in bathrooms, washrooms, and other areas of the building make the problem worse. Windows and doors can also only be insulated to a certain degree; moisture and wetness penetrate through thick concrete walls. Unit type TK 300 is distinguished by a very high dehumidification capacity. Thanks to the hygrostat, equipped as standard, the unit control can be fully automatic.

  • Very low operating costs from the power outlet, 230 V
  • No overheated dry air
  • Interference-free, constant use, even around the clock
  • Fully automatic controls
  • Especially efficient with the use of a rotating-piston condenser
  • Moisture control using hygrostat connection
  • Portable with very low intrinsic weight
  • Compact and thus easily transported in a car

Clearly arranged control panel

VariantTK 300
Air flow rate max.190 m³/h
Operating humidity range40 to 100 % r.F.
Operating temperature range+6 to +32 °C
Power supply230/1~/50
Max. power consumption0.6 kW
Nominal current consumption max.2.6 A
Condensate container filling volume5.5 l
Hot gas defrostingSeries
Dimensions H/W/D615/390/275 mm

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