REMKO ASE/ASD SERIES Exhaust gas systems

Variant     Interior rated length range
ASE/ASD 130130 mm Ø
ASE/ASD 150150 mm Ø
ASE/ASD 180180 mm Ø
ASE/ASD 200200 mm Ø
ASD 300300 mm Ø
ASD 350350 mm Ø

REMKO ASE/ASD SERIES Exhaust gas plants

The ideal exhaust gas solution

The REMKO ASE and ASD exhaust gas systems are especially designed for connection to modern hot air heating systems. The modular ASD systems with their three-shell design are delivered ready for assembly with continuous ceramic rock wool insulation. For reasons of corrosion protection, all components are basically manufactured from stainless steel. The exhaust gas system parts are simply connected by plugging and secured using clamps.

  • Easy planning
  • Optimum heat insulation
  • High security
  • Modular design
  • Easy and economical mounting and design
  • Condensate-proof implementation with seam plasma welding
  • Simple double-casing plug-in technology
  • Outer casing made of stainless steel 1.4301
  • Official tests, including: Corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, mounting safety and temperature resistance

Technical data

Single-walled stainless steel   Unit type   ASE
Material Inner wall 1.4404
  Wall thickness 0,6 mm
Insulation   possible
Thickness   25 mm
Internal rated diameter range   Ø 130-200 mm
Temperature range Continuous mode 400 °C
Max. testing temperature   1000 °C +/- 50 K
Function   Dry, vacuum
Fuels   Oil/gas/solid fuels
Approval   CE 0432-BPR-119988
Quality/external monitoring   Yes


Double-walled stainless steel   Unit type   ASD
Material Inner wall 1.4404
  Wall thickness 0,4 mm
  Outside wall 1.4301
  Wall thickness 0,4 mm
Insulation   Mineral wool
Thickness   35 mm
Internal rated diameter range   Ø 130-350 mm
Temperature range Continuous mode 600 °C
Max. testing temperature   1000 °C +/- 50 K
Function   Moist and dry, vacuum
Fuels   Oil/gas/solid fuels
Approval   CE 0432-BPR-119900
Quality/external monitoring   Constant monitoring

Heat requirement chart for heating systems

The diagram allows you to quickly determine the necessary heating power requirements of the hot air heating system to be used. It is based on a rough heat demand estimate for factories and similar buildings.

Heat requirement chart Determination of the necessary heating output

Heat requirement chart