REMKO EWS E SERIES Tank for domestic hot water heating

Variant EDV-Nr. Net domestic water volume
EWS 200 E 270550 168 Liter
EWS 301 E 270650 264 Liter
EWS 500 E 270800 426 Liter


REMKO SERIE EWS E Tank for domestic hot water heating

  • Enamelled with doublecoiled smooth-tube heat exchanger and particularly large heat exchanger surface
  • Inner container with magnesium protection anodes according to DIN 4753
  • PUR insulation (CFC, HCFC, and HFC-free)
  • Max. operating pressure 10 bar
  • Max. operating temperature 95°C
  • Connection possibilities for circulation 3/4" AG
  • Cold water supply and hot water outlet 1" IG
  • With cleaning flange lid D180
  • Built-in flange heating (legionella protection) or fin-tube heat exchanger RWT 18 can be retrofitted 

Technical data

VariantEWS 200 EEWS 301 EEWS 500 E
Storage typeTrinkwasserspeicher Trinkwasserspeicher Trinkwasserspeicher
Net domestic water volume168 l264 l426 l
Gross domestic water volume200 l300 l500 l
Tap profileXL XL 3 XL
NL number8,0 7,0
Max. removel amount duration tapping with 45°C11,1 l/min37 l/min22,8 l/min
Insulation typePUR-Isolierung PUR-Isolierung PUR-Isolierung
Insulation50 mm
Connections1 Zoll inch1 Zoll inch11/4 Zoll inch
Connection size CW/HW1 Zoll inch1 Zoll inch1 Zoll inch
Heat exchanger surface2,0 m²3,4 m²6,2 m²
Contents of heat exchanger11,1 l19,1 l43 l
Cleaning flange180 mm180 mm180 mm
Max. installation length flange heating200 mm450 mm450 mm
BEVB1,37 kW/24h1,64 kW/24h1,88 kW/24h
Heat retention loss57 W68 W78 W
Energy efficiency classB B B
Max. operating pressure drinking water10 bar10 bar10 bar
Max. operating pressure heating water3 bar3 bar3 bar
Max. operating pressure heat exchanger3 bar3 bar
Max. operating temperature hot water95 °C95 °C95 °C
Max. operating temperature95 °C95 °C
Height with insulation1340 mm1420 mm1921 mm
Diameter with insulation555 mm650 mm750 mm
Tilt height with insulation1455 mm1560 mm2023 mm
Weight90 kg145 kg222 kg

Accessories / Spare parts

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