SERIES EWS E Buffer tank for domestic hot water heating

  • Enamelled with double-coiled smooth-tube heat exchanger and particularly large heat exchanger surface
  • Inner container with magnesium protection anodes according to DIN 4753
  • PUR insulation (free of CFCs, HCFCs, and HFCs)
  • Max. operating pressure 10 bar
  • Max. operating temperature 95°C
  • Connection possibilities for circulation, external thread 3/4"
  • Cold water supply and hot water outlet, internal thread 1"
  • Cleaning flange lid D180
  • Flange heating cartridge (legionella protection) or fin-tube heat exchanger RWT 18 can be retrofitted

Technical data

VariantEWS 204 EEWS 304 EEWS 504 E
Storage typeEnamelled domestic water tankEnamelled domestic water tankEnamelled domestic water tank
Net domestic water volume208 L286 L469 L
Heat exchanger surface2 m<sup>2</sup>2.9 m<sup>2</sup>6.4 m<sup>2</sup>
BEVB1.97 kWh/24h1.73 kWh/24h1.52 kWh/24h
Heat retention loss82 W72 W105 W



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