REMKO MPS SERIES Multifunctional buffer tank

Variant EDV-Nr. Tank volume
MPS 800 270380 800 Liter
MPS 1000 270400 1000 Liter
MPS 2000 270410 2000 Liter
MPS 1000 K 270420 1000 Liter
MPS 2000 K 270440 2000 Liter


REMKO MPS SERIES Buffer tank for heating water

  • Universally usable as parallel buffer (hydraulic switch) or series-connected buffer
  • With dummy flange cover D240 for retrofitting a fin-tube heat exchanger RWT 31
  • Electrical immersion heating element, screw-in 6/4"
  • Max. operating temperature 95°C
  • Max. operating pressure 3 bar
  • Test pressure 4,5 bar
  • External anti-rust coating
  • 9 connecting threads (11 for MPS 800/1000) 6/4" IG with inflow restrictors
  • 4 socket screw threads 1/2" for probe/thermometer immersion sleeves
  • From quality steel S235 according to DIN EN 10 025/10 111
  • High-efficiency, double-shell heat insulation, 100 mm, silver grey

Technical data

VariantMPS 800MPS 1000MPS 2000MPS 1000 KMPS 2000 K
Storage typeSchichtenspeicher Schichtenspeicher Pufferspeicher Pufferspeicher Pufferspeicher
Net tank volume800 l1000 l2000 l900 l2000 l
Gross tank volume800 l1000 l2000 l1000 l2000 l
Insulation type2 Schalen Wärmedäm. 2 Schalen Wärmedäm. Vlies Vlies/Armaflex Vlies/Armaflex
Insulation100 mm100 mm100 mm100/19 mm100/19 mm
Thermal resistance from insulation110 °C110 °C110 °C110 °C110 °C
Connections6/4 Zoll inch6/4 Zoll inchDN 100 Flansch inch2 Zoll inchDN 100 Flansch inch
Cleaning flange240 mm240 mm180 mm180 mm180 mm
Max. mounting depth screw-in heating430 mm430 mm450 mm450 mm450 mm
BEVB3,4 kW/24h3,5 kW/24h4,45 kW/24h3,40 kW/24h4,45 kW/24h
Heat retention loss141 W145 W185 W142 W185 W
Energy efficiency classC C C C C
Max. operating pressure heating water3 bar3 bar6 bar3 bar6 bar
Max. operating temperature95 °C95 °C100 °C100 °C100 °C
Min. temperature cooling- °C- °C- °C7 °C7 °C
Height with insulation1735 mm2135 mm2155 mm2195 mm2155 mm
Height without insulation1735 mm2135 mm2155 mm2195 mm2155 mm
Diameter with insulation990 mm990 mm1440 mm1030 mm1440 mm
Diameter without insulation790 mm790 mm1200 mm790 mm1200 mm
Tilt height without insulation1750 mm2090 mm2225 mm2090 mm2225 mm
Weight157 kg176 kg290 kg143 kg290 kg

Accessories / Spare parts

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