REMKO MWL SERIES Water/water system for heating and cooling

The innovative system solution for residential construction

Modernisation measures can reduce energy consumption in old buildings and create more quality of life. Among the energy measures, the installation of a modern heating system with renewable energies is particularly interesting, as it leads to better marketing opportunities. Energy efficiency is also an important value criterion for rental properties, because in view of rising energy prices, tenants look very closely at the ancillary costs when choosing a flat. The combination of heat pump, demand-controlled ventilation and decentralised hot water generation increases the energy standard enormously and protects the building fabric permanently, e.g. against mould growth. Furthermore, surface cooling can be realised by using an appropriate source.

The MWL 35 modular heat pump from REMKO is the innovative and forward-looking heat pump system for modern residential construction. It proves that economic efficiency is possible with flexible renewable energies and diverse heat sources in residential construction. The system is perfectly suited for apartment buildings, flats and holiday homes that want to heat efficiently, prepare hot water and ventilate according to demand.

Profit from these advantages

  • Ideal for renovation and new construction
  • Decentralised water/water heat pump per residential unit
  • Decentralised domestic water heating per residential unit
  • Cooling function via corresponding source realisable with MWL 35 K
  • Integrated central ventilation unit with recuperative heat recovery to protect against mould growth
  • Independent billing for each residential unit
  • Multi-source heat supply – future-oriented heat sources can be flexibly combined with each other
  • Plug-and-play module – easy installation and maintenance due to modular design
  • Go Green – Independent from oil and gas
  • Innovative technology that pays off

Installation options

The modular heat pump has the dimensions of a refrigerator and can therefore be ideally integrated into any kitchenette or a suitable storage or utility room of the respective residential unit.

Multi-Source heat supply Future-oriented heat sources can be flexibly combined

Heat sources

All energies from different sources can be used as heat sources. All forms of energy are stored in the centrally installed source buffer in the house and are available to each of the installed modular heat pumps.

  • Heat recovery from industrial processes
  • PV systems
  • Solar thermal energy
  • Combined heat and power units
  • Central air/water or brine/water heat pumps
  • Local and district heating networks.

Technology in detail New dimensions in housing construction

Ventilation module MLG 70 For demand-led ventilation

The certified, central integrated ventilation module with recuperative heat recovery realises volume flows between 40 and 100m³/h and can thus be used for residential units up to approx. 90m². The intelligent control system implements demand-responsive ventilation for moisture protection. This prevents the formation of mould in well-insulated buildings in new construction or renovation; that is, humid, stale air is extracted from the bathroom and kitchen, and fresh air is supplied to the living rooms and bedrooms.

Heat pump module MWP 35 For heating

The heat pump module operates as a water/water heat pump and provides heating and hot water for each residential unit. Each resident can thus independently set their preferred temperatures and bill their energy supplier individually. The heat pump is connected to the source line and is immediately ready for operation. Thanks to the inverter technology, the heat pump can be flexibly adapted to the heat demand of the residential unit.

Storage module MTS 150 For domestic water preparation

Domestic water is heated in the integrated enamel domestic water storage tank in a decentralised manner. This process reduces both the water volume and the risk of legionella to a minimum. Your local domestic water ordinance therefore does not have to be taken into account. This reduces installation and follow-up costs.

Technical data

Variant MWL 35 heating incl. ventilation module
MWL 35 heating without ventilation module
MWL 35 heating/cooling incl. ventilation module
MWL 35 heating/cooling without ventilation module
TestingDIBt / TZWL
Inverter technologySeries
Preparation for domestic waterSeries
Number of outdoor/indoor units- / 1
Nominal heating capacity3.15
Basic refrigerant filling volume0.268 kg
Power supply indoor unit400/3~/50
On-site fuse protection outdoor unit/indoor unit16
Hydraulic connection supply/return flow3/4
Dimensions of indoor unit h/w/d2042/600/615 mm
VariantMLG 70
FunctionMoisture protection
SystemCentral ventilation + heat recovery
Energy efficiency ratingA
Power supply230/1~/50
Max. power consumption0.042 kW
Max. current consumption0.18 A
Dimensions H/W/D350/565/490 mm
VariantMWP 35
Inverter technologySeries
Compressor, number/type1/rotary piston
Heat source operating limit, heating+10 to +35 °C
Nominal heating capacity2.90 (3.20)
Energy efficiency ratingA+++/A+++
Basic refrigerant filling volume0.27 kg
Power supply230/1~/50
Max. current consumption9.8 A
Max. power consumption3.8 kW
Hydraulic connection supply/return flow3/4
VariantMTS 150
Storage typeEnamelled domestic water tank
Energy efficiency ratingB


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