Heat pump package type Frankfurt

The energy-saving package is suitable for the integration of solar thermal systems or combustible solid fuel burners for heating and domestic water support. With the fin-tube heat exchanger (special accessory) RWT 31, collector surfaces from approx. 8 to 15 m² can be connected. The domestic water preparation takes place with a 800 litre or 1000 litre buffer tank and electronically regulated fresh water station using the hygienic flow method. With this heat pump package, both bivalently alternating and monovalently operated systems can be accommodated. 

The separate pump subassemblies HGM/HGU (can be ordered separately) for the heating circuits are equipped with a high-efficiency pump regulated in a needs-based manner.

Package consisting of:

  • Monobloc heat pum
  • Multi-functional buffer tank MPS 800 (800 l) or MPS 1000 (1000 l)
  • Electronically regulated fresh water station EFS 25
  • 2x 3-way changeover valve
  • Smart-Control Touch, surface-mounted version
  • Immersion probe and collector probe

Multifunctional buffer tank MPS 800 or MPS 1000

3-way switchover valve, 5/4"

Collector probe

Fresh water station EFS 25 with pump and flow switch

Immersion probe

Smart-Control Touch, surface-mounted version

Hydraulic diagram of Frankfurt Example for monovalent or alternative bivalent operation

Technical data

Variant LWM 80 ALU (MPS 800)
LWM 80 ALU (MPS 1000)
LWM 80 CAMURA (MPS 1000)
LWM 110 ALU (MPS 800)
LWM 110 CAMURA (MPS 800)
LWM 110 ALU (MPS 1000)
LWM 110 GRAPHIT (MPS 1000)
LWM 110 CAMURA (MPS 1000)
LWM 150 ALU (MPS 800)
LWM 150 CAMURA (MPS 800)
LWM 150 ALU (MPS 1000)
LWM 150 GRAPHIT (MPS 1000)
LWM 150 CAMURA (MPS 1000)
LWM 110 Duo ALU (MPS 800)
LWM 110 Duo GRAPHIT (MPS 800)
LWM 110 Duo CAMURA (MPS 800)
LWM 110 Duo ALU (MPS 1000)
LWM 110 Duo GRAPHIT (MPS 1000)
LWM 110 Duo CAMURA (MPS 1000)
LWM 150 Duo ALU (MPS 800)
LWM 150 Duo GRAPHIT (MPS 800)
LWM 150 Duo CAMURA (MPS 800)
LWM 150 Duo ALU (MPS 1000)
LWM 150 Duo GRAPHIT (MPS 1000)
LWM 150 Duo CAMURA (MPS 1000)
area of use1-7 kW7-10 kW10-13 kW13-20 kW20-26 kW
DesignMonobloc Monobloc Monobloc Monobloc Kaskade Monobloc Kaskade
functionHeizen/WW Heizen/WW Heizen/WW Heizen/Kühlen Heizen/Kühlen
inverter technologySerie Serie Serie Serie Serie
systemLuft/Wasser Luft/Wasser Luft/Wasser Luft/Wasser Luft/Wasser
heatpump managerSC-Touch Aufputz SC-Touch Aufputz SC-Touch Aufputz SC-Touch Aufputz Smart Control Touch
Storage tank for hydraulic decoupling of volumetric flowsMultifunktion 800 lMultifunktion 800 lMultifunktion 800 lMultifunktion 800 lMultifunktion 800 l
electric booster heatingoptional 7,5 kWoptional 7,5 kWoptional 7,5 kWoptional 7,5 kWoptional 7,5 kW
Domestic water preparationFriwa System °CFriwa System °CFriwa System °CSerie °CSerie °C
DHW storage tankNein lNein lNein lNein lNein l
Quantity Outdoor/Indoor units1/- 1/- 1/- 2/- 2/-
Operating limit, heating-23 bis +37 °C-23 bis +37 °C-23 bis +37 °C-23 bis +37 °C-23 bis +37 °C
Heating capacity min - max0,9 bis 8,0 kW2,0 bis 10,7 kW3,0 bis 14,5 kW2,0 bis 21,4 kW3,0 bis 29,0 kW
Rated heating output6,0 kW8,0 kW10 kW16,0 kW20,0 kW
Energy efficiency rating heatingA++/A++ A++/A++ A++/A++ A++/A++ A++/A++
Heating capacity / COP for A7/W356,25/5,10 kW-/- kW10,29/5,03 kW16,08/5,02 kW20,58/5,03 kW
Heating capacity / COP for A2/W354,33/4,09 kW-/- kW8,33/4,11 kW12,70/4,04 kW16,66/4,11 kW
Heating capacity / COP for A-7/W353,82/3,55 kW-/- kW7,85/3,57 kW11,14/3,42 kW15,70/3,57 kW
max.Supply temperature heating water65 °C65 °C65 °C65 °C65 °C
Operating limit, cooling+15 bis +45 °C+15 bis +45 °C+15 bis +45 °C+15 bis +45 °C+15 bis +45 °C
Cooling capacity min./max.1,1 bis 8,9 kW3,3 bis 11,9 kW5,5 bis 14,0 kW6,6 bis 23,8 kW5,5 bis 28,0 kW
Rated cooling output5,0 kW6,0 kW11,0 kW12,0 kW22,0 kW
Cooling capacity / EER for A35/W7
Cooling capacity / EER for A35/W18
Cooling capacity / EER for A27/W18
min.Supply temperature cooling water7 °C7 °C7 °C7 °C+7 °C
External pressure loss max. (heating system)60 kPa50 kPa40 kPa70 kPa60 kPa
RefrigerantR454B R454B R454B 454B 454B
Refriegrant charge1,1 kg1,3 kg1,6 kg2x 1,3 kg2x 1,6 kg
CO2 Equivalent0,51 t0,61 t0,75 t2x 0,61 t2x 0,84 t
Power supply Outdoorunit230/1~/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3~/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3~/50 V/Ph/Hz2x 400/3~/50 V/Ph/Hz2x 400/3~/50 V/Ph/Hz
Power supply for electrical heating element400/3~/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3~/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3~/50 V/Ph/Hz2x 400/3~/50 V/Ph/Hz2x 400/3~/50 V/Ph/Hz
Customer´s fuse protection (outdoor unit/Indoorunit)16/- A slow-acting3x16/- A slow-acting3x16/- A slow-acting2x 3x16/- A slow-acting2x 3x16/- A slow-acting
Rated power consumption Heating for A7/W351,22 kW1,60 kW2,04 kW2x 1,6 kW2x 2,04 kW
Rated current consumption Heating for A7/W355,30 A2,57 A3,27 A2x 2,57 A2x 3,27 A
max. Airflow outdoorunit4000 m³/h4000 m³/h4000 m³/h4000 m³/h4000 m³/h
Volumetric flow water1,1 m³/h1,4 m³/h1,6 m³/h2x 1,4 m³/h2x 1,6 m³/h
Max. operating pressure water3 bar3 bar3 bar3 bar3 bar
Hydraulic connection supply / return flow11/4 inch11/4 inch11/4 inch1 1/4 inch1 1/4 inch
Soundpowerlevel Indoorunit/outdoor unit-/54 dB(A)-/56 dB(A)-/58 dB(A)-/56 dB(A)-/58 dB(A)
Soundpressure LpA 1m Indoorunit/outdoor unit-/32 dB(A)-/34 dB(A)-/36 dB(A)-/34 dB(A)-/36 dB(A)
Soundpowerlevel Indoorunit/outdoor unit decrease mode-/47 dB(A)-/49 dB(A)-/51 dB(A)-/49 dB(A)-/51 dB(A)
Soundpressure LpA 1m Indoorunit/outdoor unit decrease mode-/25 dB(A)-/27 dB(A)-/29 dB(A)-/27 dB(A)-/29 dB(A)
Dimensions outdoor unit h/w/d1600/1000/800 mm1600/1000/800 mm1600/1000/800 mm1600/1000/800 mm1600/1000/800 mm
Weight indoor unit / outdoor unit-/180 kg-/200 kg-/220 kg-/2x 200 kg-/2x 220 kg
Colour versionähn. RAL 9006/7021 ähn. RAL 9006/7021 ähn. RAL 9006/7021 ähn. RAL 9006/7021 ähn. RAL 9006/7021


LWM 80, Designline ALU jpg, 274,146,000.0
L/W Monoblock Wärmepumpe jpg, 146,511,000.0
Multifunktions-Pufferspeicher MPS 800 jpg, 69,768,000.0
Frischwasserstation EFS 25 jpg, 146,945,000.0
3-Wege Umschaltventil 5/4" jpg, 223,055,000.0
Kollektorfühler jpg, 206,370,000.0
Temperaturfühler PT 1000 jpg, 157,020,000.0
Smart-Control Touch, Aufputz jpg, 73,248,000.0
Smart-Control Touch, Aufputz jpg, 317,705,000.0
Zubehör Set Smart-WP/ LWM jpg, 1,743,151,000.0
Schwingungsdämpfer (Satz) jpg, 1,898,715,000.0
Assembly drawings
Frischwasserstation EFS 25 jpg, 46,592,000.0